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Butts Band — The Complete Recordings (John Densmore & Robby Krieger (ex The Doors)) (1996)

Butts Band — The Complete Recordings (John Densmore & Robby Krieger (ex The Doors)) (1996)

  Butts Band — The Complete Recordings (John Densmore & Robby Krieger (ex The Doors)) (January 23, 1996)★   This CD contains a very listenable collection of songs, originally on two separate albums made by the Butts Band, paced by ex–Doors Robby Krieger and John Densmore. Robby’s post–Doors work is often marked by eclecticism, and the hard and soft rock here is accompanied by or infused with blues, some soul, and a bit of reggae. Still, while almost all the tracks are decent, there is little that is outstanding. Jess Roden’s vocals and rhythm guitar highlight the earlier tracks (1–8), reflecting the first album’s British lineup save the two ex–Doors. The second group of songs was made by an entirely American outfit. Although the Butts Band’s eponymous first album was generally seen as superior, the second album, “Here and Now,” had a number of pretty tracks, on display here. Despite the relatively short time after Morrison’s death (the Butts Band recorded in the mid–70s), and as you can obviously tell by now, these recordings do not sound anything like the Doors.Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Album release: January 23, 1996
Record Label: One Way Records
01. I Won’t Be Alone Anymore
02. Baja Bus
03. Sweet Danger
04. Pop–A–Top
05. Be With Me
06. New Ways
07. Love Your Brother
08. Kansas City
09. Get Up, Stand Up
10. Corner Of My Mind
11. Caught In The Middle
12. Everybody’s Fool
13. Livin’ And Dyin’
14. Don’t Wake Up
15. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
16. Feelin’ So Bad
17. White House
18. Act Of Love
19. That’s All Right
20. Lovin’ You For All The Right Reasons
★   Jess Roden — vocals, rhythm guitar
★   Robby Krieger — lead guitar
★   Roy Davies — keyboards, synthesizers
★   Phil Chen — bass, rhythm guitar (4)
★   John Densmore — drums
Additional personnel
★   Mick Weaver — Wurlitzer piano (6,8), organ (7)
★   Larry McDonald — congas (2,4)
★   Allan Sharp — congas (7)Credits:
★   Bruce Botnick Engineer, Producer
★   Phil Chen Bass, Composer, Guitar
★   Roy Davies Keyboards, Synthesizer
★   John Densmore Drums
★   Keith Harwood Engineer
★   Robby Krieger Composer, Guitar
★   Jerry Leiber Composer
★   Larry McDonald Conductor
★   Jess Roden Composer, Guitar, Vocals
★   Allan Sharp Conductor
★   Mike Stoller Composer
★   Mick Weaver KeyboardsDescription:
♣   The Butts Band came about as a consequence of trying to find a replacement for Jim. The lads were in London in 1973 looking for a new lead singer for The Doors and had auditioned several Brit singers including Howard Werth (the singer with Audience), Kevin Coyne (from Siren) and Jess Roden (who was the leader of Bronco).
♣   Howard Werth even rehearsing with the band for a week with a view to stepping into Jim’s shoes (Audience and Siren were both signed to Elektra in the US as parts of distribution deals with thier own labels here Charisma and Dandelion Jac Holzman favoured Howard as he had at one stage forseen Audience taking over The Doors spot on Elektra but the band (Audience) had fallen apart and he now saw Howard and The Doors merging as the new Doors) but Ray shied off and went back to LA effectively finishing The Doors as a band forever but John and Robby hung about in London and began looking for a new project.
♣   Linking up with Jess, Phil Chen and Roy Davies (of legendary Gonzalez fame who died in 1986 sadly) to form the Butts Band.
The name?
♣   When The Butts Band first came out in 1974 I remember getting the album and being bowled over by how bloody good it was. But I do recall thinking what a bloody stupid name for a band!
♣   Later John, Robby and the rest of the band did an interview in one of the rock mags here in the UK....I think it was Melody Maker........and were asked just that question.
If my memory serves me right Mr K mentioned that the name came from the term used in some parts of the US to describe a bar band going nowhere fast...a Butts Band.....and this seemed to be a reference to all those who wrote off The Doors after Jim died and gave a hard time to Other Voices and Full Circle. (which Doors management may recall are the two albums they refuse to acknowledge exist on the useless Doors website )
Hence the tattered speaker on the cover.
♣   Which made sense and made the name rather cool! History:
★   Butts Band came about as a consequence of The Doors trying to find a replacement for Jim Morrison. The remaining Doors were in London in 1973 had auditioned several British singers including Howard Werth (the singer with Audience), Kevin Coyne (from Siren) and Jess Roden (who was the leader of Bronco UK).
★   Howard Werth rehearsed with the band for a week with a view to stepping into Morrison’s shoes. Elektra records founder Jac Holzman favoured Werth as he had at one stage foreseen Audience taking over The Doors’ spot on Elektra — but Audience had fallen apart and he now saw Howard and The Doors merging as the new Doors. However, Ray Manzarek and his wife Dorothy were expecting a child, and Manzarek eventually called it off and went back to Los Angeles, leaving Densmore and Krieger in London. They began looking for a new project, linking up with Roden, Phil Chen and Roy Davies to form the Butts Band.                                                       © John Densmore, June 1967
★   In an early interview in Melody Maker or NME Krieger explained the origin of the name: “‘Butts Band’ equalled a bunch of losers desperate for a gig, hence the tattered speaker on the front cover.”
★   Their debut, the self–titled album Butts Band was released in 1974. After the pressure of two members living in California and three in London led the band to split (following a low key tour and the odd TV appearance), Krieger and Densmore released all the band members and recruited an all American band to produce a second album, titled Hear and Now, in 1975.Former members:
★   John Densmore — drums (1973–1975)
★   Robby Krieger — guitar (1973–1975)
★   Phil Chen — bass (1973–1974)
★   Roy Davies — keyboards, synthesisers (1973–1974)
★   Jess Roden — vocals (1973–1974)
★   Mick Weaver — organ (1973–1974)
★   Mike Berkowitz — drums (1974–1975)
★   Alex Richman — keyboards, vocals (1974–1975)
★   Karl Ruckner — bass (1974–1975)
★   Michael Stull — guitar, vocals (1974–1975)
★   David Paul Campbell — keyboards, vocals (1975)
★   Butts Band    (1974)
★   Hear and Now    (1975)
Birth name: John Paul Densmore
Born: December 1, 1944
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Birth name: Robert Alan Krieger
Born: January 8, 1946, Los Angeles, California, United States
Notable instruments: Gibson SG
Website: http://www.robbykrieger.com/
Forum: http://forum.johndensmore.com/index.php?showtopic=3991
AllMusic Review by Joe Viglione;  Score: ***½
★   The 1973 debut of Butts Band, produced by Doors engineer turned producer Bruce Botnick, is — along with Ray Manzarek’s 1974 release, The Golden Scarab (also produced by Botnick) — the true fulfillment of what Other Voices and Full Circle initiated. A release of Golden Scarab and The Butts Band on one CD would be a good companion piece to the aforementioned post–Morrison Doors releases; it’s most likely what would have evolved had the Doors’ trio given us a third album in the early ‘70s. Make no mistake, this is very musical and great stuff, it just had no image, introduced us to new personalities, and was saddled with a terrible name (c’mon, the Butts Band? What was Jimmy Castor’s line in “Troglodyte”? “Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters.” ★   It’s just plain silly with the world watching the Doors’ legacy). Before Robbie Krieger went on his jazz tangent, this folky blues group may have been a necessary diversion. There’s none of the Doors’ darkness or Ray Manzarek’s manic intensity here. It’s laid–back, well–played, perfectly recorded music on the Blue Thumb label. What is surprising is that Robbie Krieger was an integral part of the Doors’ hit singles. He seems to have put that in the past on these compositions. “Baja Bus,” with conga by Larry McDonald, might as well be the Allman Brothers. Side one was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, with Botnick as engineer, while in London for side two at Olympic Studios they used Keith Harwood on the boards, though Bruce Botnick is the producer of the entire package. More of what you’d expect than the follow–up, Hear and Now, which changes all the musicians save the two Doors and completely reshuffles the sound. Gotta hand it to Krieger and Densmore; they can be as proud of this as Ten Wheel Drive’s Zager and Schefrin can be of their post–Genya Ravan disc on EMI. That record wasn’t Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan, but it was competent and worth a listen, as is The Butts Band._____________________________________________________________

Butts Band — The Complete Recordings (John Densmore & Robby Krieger (ex The Doors)) (1996)



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