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Cat Power Sun (2012)

Cat Power --- Sun (2012)

                                                           Cat Power — Sun
Birth name: Charlyn Marie Marshall
Also known as: Chan Marshall
Born: January 21, 1972, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Genres: Indie rock, folk rock, lo–fi, alternative rock, blues rock
Occupations: Singer–songwriter, actress and musician
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: September 4, 2012
Record Label: Matador Records
Duration:     49:01
Track Listing:
01. Cherokee       4:46
02. Sun       3:19
03. Ruin       4:33
04. 3, 6, 9      4:00
05. Always On My Own       2:23
06. Real Life       2:37
07. Human Being       3:28
08. Manhattan       5:16
09. Silent Machine      4:00
10. Nothin But Time      10:55
11. Peace and Love      3:39
12. "Fire" (Bonus Track)
13. "Back in the Days" 
λ   Cat Power — vocals, guitar, piano, composition, production
λ   Philippe Zdar (Philippe Cerboneschi) — mixing
Website: http://www.catpowermusic.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/catpower?ref=atw
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CatPowerSun?rf=112967272050444
λ    Chan Marshall (AKA Cat Power) has formally detailed her long–awaited ninth studio album According to Matablog, Sun spans 11 tracks, and will be released on September 4th through Matador Records. Below, you can listen to the album’s first track, “Ruin”, which sports (arguably) the catchiest piano hook since Coldplay’s “Clocks”.
λ    As previously reported, Marshall performed and produced the album herself following a difficult break up with longtime boyfriend/actor Giovanni Ribisi. “I cut my hair off three days [after the break–up], got on a plane to France, and finished the shit,” she recently told The Stool Pigeon. “It’s all good, you know. I love the person very much. I actually love this record very much, too. I’m very proud of it.”
λ    SUN is the new studio album from Cat Power. Six years after her last album of original material, Chan Marshall has moved on from her collaborative forays into Memphis soul and Delta blues. She wrote, played, recorded and produced the entirety of SUN by herself, a statement of complete control that is echoed in the songs' themes. Marshall calls SUN "a rebirth", which is exactly what this confident,... ambitious, charismatic record feels like. Moon Pix was about extreme isolation and survival in the crazy struggle,” she says. "SUN is don't look back, pick up, and go confidently into your own future, to personal power and fulfillment."
λ    The music on SUN employs a sweeping stylistic palette: There’s the classic Cat Power haunting guitar and provocative vocal hook in "Cherokee" (“marry me to the sky…bury me upside down”); the irresistible Latinsounding nine–piano loop of “Ruin”; upbeat, almost dancey electronic anthems like "Real Life" and "3, 6, 9"; and the stirring, 8–minute epic "Nothin But Time," featuring a vocal cameo by Iggy Pop. λ    The swagger of “Silent Machine” brings to mind mid–70s Jagger, contrasted with the unusual, sparse production of “Always on My Own.” The narrative arc of the record is deeply American in its spaciousness and optimism; the music is defiantly modern and global.
Early life (excerpt):
λ   Marshall's father, Charlie, is a blues musician and pianist. Her parents divorced when she was a child and remarried shortly thereafter. Her mother ultimately remarried to another man, the family travelling around a lot because of her stepfather's job. Marshall attended 10 different schools throughout the Southern United States in places such as Greensboro; Barlett and Memphis and throughout Georgia and South Carolina. At times she was left with her grandmother. In interviews she stated that the constant traveling prepared her for the touring life of a professional musician. She was not allowed to buy records when she was growing up, but she listened to her stepfather's record collection which included such artists as Otis Redding, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Rolling Stones.
λ   Also in 2006, she became the first female solo act to win the Shortlist Music Prize when The Greatest was voted album of the year in June. Earlier in the year she was nominated in the Best International Female Solo Artist category at the annual BRIT Awards.
λ   Marshall was featured in Maxim's Hot 100 women of 2009, she was placed at number 19.
Personal life:
λ   In 1992, Marshall moved into a New York apartment which she maintains to this day, only paying $160 a month in rent. Around 2003 she bought a house in South Beach, Miami from a high school friend. In 2009 Marshall moved to Los Angeles to share a house in Silver Lake, California with her then boyfriend. They also had a rental house in Malibu where she had a studio.
λ   Dear Sir (1995)
λ   Myra Lee (1996)
λ   What Would the Community Think (1996)
λ   Moon Pix (1998)
λ   The Covers Record (2000)
λ   You Are Free (2003)
λ   The Greatest (2006)
λ   Jukebox (2008)
λ   Sun (2012)

File:Cat Power @ Primavera Sound 2008 2.jpg        © Performing a live concert in the Primavera Sound 2008, Barcelona, May 2008.

Cat Power

Cat Power Sun (2012)





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