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Cathy Heller — Breaking Free (2013)

 Cathy Heller — Breaking Free (2013)

Cathy Heller — Breaking Free
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: April 30, 2013
Record Label: Cathy Heller
Duration:     36:26
01. We're Good Together      (2:28)
02. I Am All These Things      (3:57)
03. Be Brave      (4:46)
04. Breaking Free      (3:47)
05. So This Is Love      (2:41)
06. Meet Me Here      (4:02)
07. Gonna Make A Change      (2:41)
08. Fragile Heart      (3:57)
09. Painting Sidewalks      (2:57)
10. Crazy In Love      (2:43)
11. Let Your Colors Shine      (2:28)
Cathy Heller
Kyler England
Bill Lefler
Website: http://cathyheller.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cathyhellermusic
Blog: cathyhellermusic.blogspot.com
By Cathy Heller
   Breaking Free was a really fun album to write because I set out to tell the full story and in a sense live up to the album title. In the last couple years I have been doing a lot of licensing for TV/film and I wanted my audience to get a fuller sense of who I am, beyond the songs they hear on Pretty Little Liars or Switched at Birth.
   I wanted to share more of myself, the shadows and broken parts too. The song “Be Brave” is probably the most vulnerable me I've ever put out there, which was scary at first, but wound up feeling really good to express. And the song “I Am All These Things” was liberating. It's nice to talk about the things about me that are less than perfect. It's a good feeling to you accept our flaws and let it be okay. I also think sharing these human elements hopefully gives other people permission to do the same for themselves. It takes too much energy to try to pretend to be perfect, and it's kinda boring :)
   In addition to these more reflective songs, there are also many fun songs on the album like “Let Your Colors Shine,” “Gonna Make a Change” and “We're Good Together.” Bill Lefler did such a stellar job of making these songs sound like you're listening to a party. And it really was a bunch of people in a room having a blast. I hope it translates to the listeners and makes them feel like they can join in the fun.
   I'm so grateful to the craft of songwriting, because the more I grow up, the more it challenges me to express everything that's there: the good, the bad and the ugly. And that is such a gift.
   We are currently in the studio working on my next album, which is a continuation of the same process. I'm expanding the view so that people get to see the whole Cathy.
   Cathy Heller is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and graduate of the ASCAP Foundation Lester Sill Songwriters Workshop. Her music has been placed dozens of times, helping to create sweet moments for ABC, NBC, Disney, THE CW, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, MTV, American Airlines, Hanes and more. Her new song "We're Good Together" is featured in a Hasbro national ad campaign for their new Words With Friends game, and her song "Gonna Make a Change" just started running in a Special K ad. Find out more about Cathy at her website: cathyheller.com.
   Breaking Free is Cathy’s first full-length album. It was released on April 30th, 2013 and you can pick it up from her website or anywhere else music can be found.    (http://www.ascap.com/)ASCAP "We Create Music"
In french:
   Dans un créneau déja en voie de saturation, Cathy Heller tire quand meme assez bien son épingle du jeu. Un album agréable a écouter.

Cathy Heller — Breaking Free (2013)




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