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Cozy Powell

Cozy Powell — Octopuss (1983)

                      Cozy Powell — Octopuss
Birth name: Colin Trevor Powell
Born: 29 December 1947, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Died: 5 April 1998, Bristol, England
Album release: 1983
Recorded: September — October 1982, Britannia Row Studios
Record Label: Polydor POCP–1813
Duration:     33:29
01. Up On The Downs      3:56
02. 633 Squadron      4:14
03. Octopuss      5:54
04. The Big Country      2:57
05. Formula One      3:22
06. Princetown      4:38
07. Dartmoore      5:41
08. The Rattler      2:58
Written by:
→  Mel Galley, Cozy Powell     1, 5, 6
→  Ron Goodwin     2
→  Powell, Colin Hodgkinson     3
→  Jerome Moross, Morty Neff, Jack Lewis     4
→  Gary Moore     7
→  David Coverdale, Powell     8Personnel
≡♠≡  Cozy Powell — drums, percussion
≡♠≡  Colin Hodgkinson — bass guitar
≡♠≡  Mel Galley — guitar on "Up on the Downs", "633 Squadron", "Octopuss" and "The Big Country"
≡♠≡  Gary Moore — guitar on "Formula One", "Princetown", "Dartmoore" and "The Rattler"
≡♠≡  Jon Lord — keyboards
≡♠≡  Bruce Payne & John Makepeace — production
≡♠≡  Mike Johnson & Nick Griffiths — engineering, mixing
≡♠≡  Producer: Bruce Payne & John Makepeace
♠   David Coverdale Composer
♠   Jerry Ewing Sleeve Notes
♠   Mel Galley Composer, Guitar
♠   Hugh Gilmour Reissue Design
♠   Ron Goodwin Composer
♠   Nick Griffiths Engineer, Mixing, Producer
♠   Steve Hammonds Release Coordinator
♠   Bob Hayden Photography
♠   Colin Hodgkinson Bass, Composer
♠   Mike "Palm Tree" Johnson Engineer
♠   Jack Lewis Composer
♠   Jon Lord Keyboards
♠   John Makepeace Executive Producer
♠   Gary Moore Composer, Guitar
♠   Jerome Moross Composer
♠   Morty Neff Composer
♠   Bruce Payne Executive Producer
♠   Cozy Powell Composer, Cover Art Concept, Drums, Producer
♠   John Du Prez Arranger
♠   Bob Watson Graphic Design, Graphics≡≡    Third solo album from Cozy Powel entitled Octopuss from 1983. The music from this album is the most variated one from his entire solo career. Some personal changes aswell here, 3 new musicians among those three John Lord from Deep Purple. Again a solid jazz rock album, better than predecesor and in the same league with the first, Octopuss brings more consistency in the pieces and in the manner of interpretation aswell. This album in much variated than previous works, in places even some symphonic elements are added like on 633 Squadron — sounds like a fanfare with orchestra, but again truly good piece. The rest of the pieces keeps that jazz rock mood , but are more intristing and challenging than Tilt and on the same level, even in places quite better than Over the top. So my fav track are Up on the Downs, 633 Squadron and Princetown, the rest are good no doubt. Very pleasent album all the way, maybe not so complicated like other jazz albums from late '70's to early '80's, but without doubt a solid album with a lot to offer. Cozy Powell was maybe less pompous than other drummers from that period, less extravagant, but when he was behind the drums, no one dare to underestimate his talent. A brilliant and very confident musicians who remains in history as one of the best and prolific drummer ever in music. Sadly he passed away in april 1998 in car crash while he rided his motorcycle BMW. For this album Octopuss 3.5 rounded to 4 among his best solo efforts along with the first one. His solo albums are hard to find and a thing that is more shocking they are very unknown to many, this is sad, because what you find here is unmatched for sure. ~ Progarchives
Website: http://www.cozypowell.com/_____________________________♠♠♠♠_____________________________

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